Soft Network is a cooperative platform established by Chelsea Spengemann and Sara VanDerBeek for connective arts programming. We work between past and present to explore ways in which the archive and archival interactions can become integral modes of exchange, collaboration, creativity and commerce. Soft Network’s mission is to provide opportunities for living artists and the representatives of non-living artists to support each other through sharing resources, labor and profits by generating new projects in collaboration with existing platforms. Projects will be available to view during regular business hours of the exhibition space or by appointment. All artworks are available for immediate purchase at the exhibition space and in certain instances online via our partners.

In Soft Network's online store with Rachel Comey, items are organized into various sections that are periodically updated. A dream archive of sorts, this collection of artwork, publications, special editions and ephemera grows out of Soft Network's interest in process and dialogue between practitioners and their inspirations. Soft Network's presentations will be ongoing, accumulative and intergenerational.

In addition to Rachel Comey, Soft Network's collaborators include Pochron Studios, Brooklyn; Stanley & Sons, Springs; Wolfy Part II, Tivoli, NY; Metrograph, NY; Halsey McKay, East Hampton; Broadway, NY; ArtFizz Projects; Parrish Art Museum Store; Registrars Group LLC, NY; and many individuals.


Chelsea Spengemann
Sara VanDerBeek

Current Exhibitions and Projects

End of the Season
S&S Corner Shop, Springs

November 1 - November 28, 2021
Artist List: Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Jason Evans, Adriana Farmiga, Mónica Félix, Suzanne Kite, Alison Knowles, Jason Nocito, Rune Olsen, Julie Pochron, Mariah Robertson, Rosalind Schneider, Tamar Siegfried Rosa Halpern, Johannes VanDerBeek, Yelena Yemchuk

Exhibition Services

If you are based in New York City, you may schedule appointments for a tour of the Soft Network installation at Rachel Comey Cobble Hill, or request to see artwork in your private location. Our cooperative is also pleased to coordinate mounting, framing and installation services using our trusted, local vendors. We also offer collection management.

For more information or to schedule a visit email