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Ninh and Qadune's Favorites | In celebration of Mother’s Day, Ninh Wysocan, founder of Quarry, and her daughter, Qadune, styled out their favorite pieces from our Spring/Summer Collection at home. Find on the Journal.

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Dolce Sunglasses-SUNGLASSES-Rachel Comey
Dolce Sunglasses Sale price$ 285
Sold out Laural Top-KNITWEAR-Rachel Comey Laural Top-KNITWEAR-Rachel Comey
Laural Top Sale price$ 350
Edition Dress-DRESSES-Rachel Comey Edition Dress-DRESSES-Rachel Comey
Edition Dress Sale price$ 595
Annie Loafer-FLAT-Rachel Comey Annie Loafer-FLAT-Rachel Comey
Annie Loafer Sale price$ 495
Virgo Clog-CLOG-Rachel Comey Virgo Clog-CLOG-Rachel Comey
Virgo Clog Sale price$ 475
Enola Top-KNITWEAR-Rachel Comey Enola Top-KNITWEAR-Rachel Comey
Enola Top Sale price$ 475
Lade Cardigan-KNITWEAR-Rachel Comey Lade Cardigan-KNITWEAR-Rachel Comey
Lade Cardigan Sale price$ 525
Ennu Skirt-SKIRTS-Rachel Comey Ennu Skirt-SKIRTS-Rachel Comey
Ennu Skirt Sale price$ 395
Runcks Pant-DENIM-Rachel Comey Runcks Pant-DENIM-Rachel Comey
Runcks Pant Sale price$ 475
Gain Dress-DRESSES-Rachel Comey Gain Dress-DRESSES-Rachel Comey
Gain Dress Sale price$ 675
Wolcott Pant-DENIM-Rachel Comey Wolcott Pant-DENIM-Rachel Comey
Wolcott Pant Sale price$ 425
Travail Jacket-JACKETS/OUTERWEAR-Rachel Comey Travail Jacket-JACKETS/OUTERWEAR-Rachel Comey
Travail Jacket Sale price$ 725
Hyland Skirt-SKIRTS-Rachel Comey Hyland Skirt-SKIRTS-Rachel Comey
Hyland Skirt Sale price$ 425
Cove Slide-MULE-Rachel Comey Cove Slide-MULE-Rachel Comey
Cove Slide Sale price$ 425
Coming soon Kasey Skirt-SKIRTS-Rachel Comey Kasey Skirt-SKIRTS-Rachel Comey
Kasey Skirt Sale price$ 375
Bello Crossbody-BAGS-Rachel Comey Bello Crossbody-BAGS-Rachel Comey
Bello Crossbody Sale price$ 675
Shapley Top-TOPS-Rachel Comey Shapley Top-TOPS-Rachel Comey
Shapley Top Sale price$ 375
Omin Top-KNITWEAR-Rachel Comey Omin Top-KNITWEAR-Rachel Comey
Omin Top Sale price$ 425
Roa Pant-PANTS-Rachel Comey Roa Pant-PANTS-Rachel Comey
Roa Pant Sale price$ 495
Ely Printed Tote-BAGS-Rachel Comey Ely Printed Tote-BAGS-Rachel Comey
Ely Printed Tote Sale price$ 475
Clemmie Kitten S-Punch-HEEL-Rachel Comey Clemmie Kitten S-Punch-HEEL-Rachel Comey
Clemmie Kitten S-Punch Sale price$ 475
Clemmie Kitten S-Punch-HEEL-Rachel Comey Clemmie Kitten S-Punch-HEEL-Rachel Comey
Clemmie Kitten S-Punch Sale price$ 475
Billi Tote-BAGS-Rachel Comey Billi Tote-BAGS-Rachel Comey
Billi Tote Sale price$ 750
Balter Jumpsuit-JUMPSUITS-Rachel Comey Balter Jumpsuit-JUMPSUITS-Rachel Comey
Balter Jumpsuit Sale price$ 525
Elan Dress-DRESSES-Rachel Comey Elan Dress-DRESSES-Rachel Comey
Elan Dress Sale price$ 550
Ballaton Top-TOPS-Rachel Comey Ballaton Top-TOPS-Rachel Comey
Ballaton Top Sale price$ 295
Barrie Jumpsuit-JUMPSUITS-Rachel Comey Barrie Jumpsuit-JUMPSUITS-Rachel Comey
Barrie Jumpsuit Sale price$ 495
Oria Top-KNITWEAR-Rachel Comey Oria Top-KNITWEAR-Rachel Comey
Oria Top Sale price$ 425
Barca Pullover-KNITWEAR-Rachel Comey Barca Pullover-KNITWEAR-Rachel Comey
Barca Pullover Sale price$ 350
Relent Top-KNITWEAR-Rachel Comey Relent Top-KNITWEAR-Rachel Comey
Relent Top Sale price$ 275