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Design at Rachel Comey is strategic.


The design process is driven by the relationships between a person, their environment, and the materials they wear. Throughout development, we evaluate the practical needs and visceral desires of our diverse clientele base by asking the following:


  • How can a garment affect our way of thinking and engaging with the world? How can a specific fabric or method of construction reformulate our personal and shared experiences?
  • How can we empower the people who wear our clothes? How can we allow room for humor to be expressed and vulnerability to be explored?
  • How can we challenge conventional notions of what it means to be sexy, powerful and confident?
  • How can we look at traditional craftsmanship from a modern perspective? How can we support the artisanal communities that inherit and preserve these techniques?


Rachel Comey recognizes our clients as insightful, self-aware, and capable. The design team anticipates not only a need or desire for functionality, but takes into consideration the complex nature of one’s experience in full breadth and scope. We design for life’s best and most beautiful moments, but we also sense when we need our garments to share in the heavy lifting and propel us forward. By approaching each collection in conversation, our team aims to provoke an insightful response and a fluid understanding of what it means to wear Rachel Comey.