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"Rachel Comey’s new lineup won’t just tame the specter of approaching cold weather; with its many layers and knits in all shapes and sizes it might make you look forward to the change of seasons." - Fall 2022 Ready To Wear, Nicole Phelps, Vogue

A pro-gun, anti-abortion supplier versus a US cult-favourite brand with an Instagram account, Hilary Milnes, Vogue Business

"Rachel Comey is one of America’s most successful and thoughtful designers, the kind who knows and understands her customer deeply without being too woo-woo or skipping through a fashion fantasy land. Her clothing is intimate and sophisticated but always a little weird, cerebral, like the person wearing it is smart and interesting enough to want to look cool but not so out there that they want to be buried under a lot of fashion. In the 19 years since she launched the brand, Comey has basically created one of the dominant concepts of what it means to look like a successful adult woman in New York." - Rachel Comey’s Womenswear Might Be the Best-Kept Secret In Men’s Fashion, Rachel Tashjian, GQ

"Just as unusual is her devotion to practical sensory design: the idea that feeling good in a garment is just as vital as looking good. Which is why the trends Comey has quietly made into cultural capital—cropped and baggy jeans, cupola-shaped skirting, slouchy knitwear over cinched knitwear—aren’t about elevating sex appeal at the expense of living with ease. For Comey, style isn’t just a garment—it’s how a woman moves, feels, and acts inside the garment. Which is why Comey is consistently quick to dismiss fashion’s sales tactic of youth-at-all-costs, noting that aging women drive much of her design process." - The Radical Generosity of Rachel Comey, Faran Krentcil, Harper's Bazaar

"These clothes could be worn anywhere — business meeting, fancy luncheon, cocktails — but Comey went out of her way to make the point that these garments notably could be worn in situations when women are emphatically making themselves known as cultural brokers, political powerhouses and dizzyingly high achievers." - Fashion Week begins, and so does an entire industry’s angst over its very existence, Robin Givhan, Washington Post

"Worn by all genders, neon crocheted knits, comics patterns from a past season and psychedelic prints on camp shirts and easy pants, back-laced upcycled jeans, tinsel shorts and fab fringe suede ponchos were among the standout “special casual clothes,” as Comey calls them, in a collection that refreshingly didn’t take itself too seriously. And when the entire cast stood as one, swaying back and forth, it really was a perfect metaphor for the shifting times." Rachel Comey RTW Spring 2022, Booth Moore, WWD