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Tintura Satin

Introducing a limited edition collection of 100% silk pieces, hand-dyed by Green Matters Natural Dye Company, a small artisanal dyeing plant comprised of all women and non-binary individuals, located in Gap, Pennsylvania. Green Matters uses natural ingredients such as madder root, hibiscus, logwood shavings and GOTS certified indigo to make their dyestuffs, giving each garment a one-of-a-kind appearance. Our Tintura Satin is the perfect base for this technique, absorbing the dyes beautifully to reveal the most vibrant hues. 

Inside the Green Matters studio, all of the water used is rainwater collected on the roof. Indigo and madder root create the base of the dyes for Rachel Comey, then chestnut, hibiscus and logwood are sprinkled on top, rolled up, steamed, and opened and rinsed by hand.

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